Announcing the Sky Northern Security Alliance

We have a saying in security - to solve the security challenge, you need the right mix of people, process and technology.

Everyone can buy technology. There are a thousand vendors selling you silver bullets to your infosec woes, and historically 70%+ of IT security spend has been on boxes and software.

For large enterprises, the people and process problems can be addressed by hiring large teams, recruiting a senior CISO, or contracting with a big 4 consultancy firm like Deloitte or others. The challenge is, if you’re a smaller firm you don’t have the budget for a large full time staff, the larger agencies won’t give you time and attention, and you don’t have the market clout or relationships to pull in talent.

This is why I’m thrilled to announce the Sky Northern Security Alliance. I personally chose to go independent as an opportunity to spend more time with my family, and many other deep security experts have chosen a similar path for a variety of personal or professional reasons. But there is a gap of awareness between the skills of these independents and the customers who need to access this talent. 

With our security alliance, I am hoping to leverage the deep and personal relationships that independents have with their customers, and the broad set of skills a larger group can pull together. 

By combining forces, we can address the broad needs of customers, build repeatable, proven solutions, and help to address some of the talent shortages in the market by unlocking the potential of an army of independents.

If you’re an independent security consultant, or member of a smaller boutique firm, and are interested in possibly joining up - reach out.

If you’re a business owner, the CIO or IT person responsible for security in a smaller shop, know that you’ve now got an option that can be a single point of contact for your security needs.

If you’re running a large enterprise and need some deeply experienced talent to support your complex projects, know that you’ve got a new option.

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