An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In the cases of security breaches this is true - but also, being prepared for the inevitable incident when it occurs helps to dramatically reduce the costs when they happen.

This is why the Sky Northern Security Alliance provides not only incident response and experienced breach coaches to help you put out the fires, but a fully customized preparation package based on the scale and scope of your organization, to be fully ready when it occurs. Options include:

Incident Readiness Assessment - we look in detail at your existing policies, plans, procedures and playbooks and make targeted recommendations for improvements. We also review your controls - make sure you’re logging the right things, have appropriate backups and recovery testing, and have the security you need to respond effectively if a breach does occur.

Incident Response Playbook - we work with your organization to develop a document that covers common incident scenarios, names key individuals and backups, and clearly identifies process so that your team isn’t left scrambling.

Tabletop Exercise - you’ve developed a playbook, have a team ready, but need to run some practice fire drills to ensure they’re ready. We will design and moderate a targeted tabletop exercise for your organization to prepare you for when the day comes.

Red Team/Blue Team Exercises - for when you’re ready to move beyond pen and paper, we have fully customizable Red Team/Blue Team packages that will help you test out your incident response in a live fire situation. Not for the faint of heart, but a great opportunity to develop that confidence in the line of fire.

Reporting Metrics and Measures - Security incidents are a common affair. It could be something as simple as a machine getting infected with a virus, to something more nefarious like a targeted attack against a critical asset. We will work with your team to help establish appropriate metrics and measures so you can answer the key questions your executive are asking - “Are we ready? How is the threat landscape changing? How many events have we experienced over the last 12 months?”. Being prepared with the right metrics and measures will help you answer these questions and get the budget and staff you need to be properly prepared.

Named Breach Coach - when working to get you ready, we can assist a named breach coach who will become familiar with your primary contacts, your environment and critical assets, so that when you’ve got an issue you don’t need to spend precious hours bringing someone up to speed. Our breach coaches have “been there, done that” and have the operational and policy expertise to get you back on your feet and running with as minimum business disruption as possible.


Response Assistance - in addition to the breach coach, we can also provide operational, hands-on expertise to help you deal with breaches when they occur, on a case-by-case basis.


Forensics and Investigations - after the breach, you’ll want to get a clear understanding of what happened. Maybe it was an insider and you need to take legal action. Collecting evidence in a forensically sound manner, being prepared to provide legal testimony if required - these are specialist skills and should be handled by experts. In addition, having a clear understanding of the chain of events will help you prepare and prevent the next attack.

Contact us today and we’ll help customize a package for your organization.