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API and Microservice Security

Farshad Abasi, CISSP, Principal Security Architect and security instructor, provides a great background on API and Microservice security. Recommended reading.


Is there really a security skills shortage?

Is there really a cyber security skills shortage? Michael Argast, Founder & CEO of Sky Northern, investigates the recent ISACA report, and give tips to hiring managers looking to bring on talent.


Are you incident ready?

Is your organization incident ready? Every organization wrestles with this question as attackers are probing your network daily, large scale incidents are reported in the news, and your board is more than concerned. Read on to find out what areas you should consider and some advice on how to do it.

In the news

A few links to some of the most important stories in information security in the last month:

Not running AV on your Macs? Probably time to consider it

Uber and Lyft have thousands of drivers failing background checks - are you doing them in your organization?

Fragmentation hell that Android is, you’re still better off there than with Samsung’s Tizen platform

Cisco switches have fatal flaw in Cisco Cluster Management Protocol

Shadow Brokers dump another batch of NSA exploits, Microsoft mysteriously has a patch out first?