Post-Engagement Survey


Your feedback matters

Your input is critical to our improvement. Every piece of feedback helps us understand where we are strong, and on target, and where we need to improve to delight our clientele.

We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey.

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Your Name
This should be found on the front page of your Scope of Work (SOW) or Proposal Document.
The name of the team or consultant who supported your project.
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Questions on the pre-engagement part of the process
It was easy to contact and engage the team/consultant
Developing the SOW/Proposal with the team/consultant was an easy process
The SOW/Proposal developed had clear deliverables and outcomes defined
The availability of the team/consultant met my needs
Survey *
Questions on the engagement part of the process
The team/consultant were professional - timely, appropriately dressed, etc.
The team/consultant had the required level of expertise
Survey *
Questions on the post-engagement part of the process
The deliverables and outcomes agreed upon were delivered
The project was delivered on budget and on time
The project was appropriately scoped
The project delivered good value for money
Tell us anything we could do to improve, but also anything that surprised you - negatively - or positively - delighted you - about this engagement.
Willingness to act as a reference *
We want delighted clientele who are willing to tell others about their experience. Please indicate how/if you are willing to provide the following types of reference. Depending on your answer and the team's interest you may be contacted as a follow-up.
It turns out, you've got another need now for the same team/consultant or someone else within the Sky Northern Security Alliance. Tell us about it here and we'll get in touch.