Services Catalog

The Sky Northern Security Alliance provides a wide range of security services to meet the needs of clientele, small and large. Speed up your projects by leveraging our diverse team, we're ready to go!


Security Advisory & Compliance Services

You're looking for a virtual CISO to give your organization guidance. Or maybe you need help achieving PCI compliance, completing a privacy impact assessment, developing a business continuity plan/disaster recovery plan, or developing a security roadmap. We have a variety of advisory services to meet your needs.


Delivery & Implementation Services

You’ve acquired that shiny new firewall, are ready to deploy a next-gen endpoint solution, wage battle and put your aging Identity system to pasture or make the leap to advanced monitoring with a SIEM system. Regardless of the security technology, we’re here to advise, help you deploy and train your team for day two support.


Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing

Every organization needs a neutral third party to see if their security is up to the standard they think it is. But we only start there - we can do deep penetration testing, capture the flag exercises, application testing, code reviews. Once we've uncovered the dirt, we can also help you build a program to provide ongoing monitoring and remediation.


Incident Preparation, Response & Forensics

Are you ready? You’re about to have a breach. Maybe it is something small like a Ransomware issue on a few company laptops. Or something larger like an insider leak and fraud. Our team can handle everything from putting out the fire, taking the stand to provide legal testimony or digging in deep to provide forensic evidence during an investigation. 


Security Architecture & Planning

Lots of teams can do security architecture for your new data centre, or your enterprise application deployment. But we also get deep and geeky with the new technologies - Cloud, IoT, mobility - and lots of niche areas as well, such as PKI, Identity and Access Management and much much more. 


Security Project Management

On time, on budget, deliverables met. Small projects can be delivered without much oversight, but once you have a team working on multi-week or month deliverables, you want someone to manage both our team and your organization to achieve the intended result and keep everyone on track. We can provide independent project managers for our projects, or even yours.


Go-to-Market & Strategy Development

You're a service provider, or security vendor, or even a vendor in a non-security space. You're trying to nail down your positioning, messaging, product roadmap - nail down your go-to-market strategy. You need to understand how security buyers think, the market dynamics, technologies at play. Our extensive experience in selling services, technology and end-to-end solutions to customers across all verticals makes us the perfect partner to lock down your strategy and set you on the path for growth.


Privacy & GDPR Consulting

Ensuring your organization aligns policies with all necessary privacy regulations will help significantly reduce fines in case of a breach. Proactive preparation for GDPR is critical for any organization storing user data - whether that be as simple as usernames and passwords or as critical as social security numbers, health or financial data.


Physical Security Services

You've built a fantastic new data centre, but want to ensure that despite your man traps and sharks with laser beams, that someone can't simply waltz in the back door and steal all your data. 

Or, you need to develop a Disaster Recovery plan, or do some pandemic planning. We've got the consultants to help you out.